Lead Nurturing

Closing the gap.

Lead nurturing has become an integral part of a successful marketing strategy—specifically when building relationships with potential customers. Today’s buyers don’t become customers overnight—they require marketing over time as they educate themselves and build trust with a company. This is extremely important in B2B environments when potential customers found your company through search engines and have never heard of you before.

Lead nurturing helps marketers communicate consistently with buyers throughout the sales cycle—addressing the gap in time between when a lead first interacts with you and when they are ready to purchase. Lead nurturing may simply be an occasional email letting the prospect or customer know about updates to a product or service, changes in price and so on. More complex campaigns involve educating the client in the advantages of a particular product or service and designing personalized pitches to encourage the client to buy sooner rather than later.

Creative Business helps clients:

  • Create a lead nurture strategy
  • Nurture leads across channels
  • Segment a lead database
  • Choose appropriate content for each lead nurture track and audience
  • Get the most value from lead nurturing with testing and optimization
  • Measure and explain lead nurturing’s return on investment