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E-mail Marketing

We offer a wide range of strategic email services including: campaign development and direction, creative email design, subject line content, creative testing, best practices implementation, and message analysis. These services are offered and proposed on a custom basis, to best fit the clients’ needs. Creative Business specializes in the following type of e-mail marketing services:

E-mail Marketing Strategy Development

  • Develop new email strategies to communicate to existing customers and new prospects.
  • Develop follow-up campaigns to increase activity through email messages.
  • Identify and develop email templates for multi-purpose utilization.
  • Identify client types and message formats.
  • Develop targeted message strategies based on interests.

Manage and Expand Lists

  • Sophisticated opt-in processes working behind the scenes allowing you to grow your list and welcome new opt-ins.
  • Opt-in code generator automatically creates custom code to place on your website to collect signups.
  • Double opt-in processes supported.
  • New email opt-ins are automatically added to your database.
  • We take the work out of list management as well, including allowing you to easily segment and target subscribers.
  • Bounced messages are automatically processed.
  • Unsubscribes are automatically removed from your list.
  • Easily split lists for subject line testing.
  • Combine two lists and merge duplicates in one easy step with our copy/merge functionality.
Target Your Audience
  • List segmentation make implementing strategies that involve targeting or segmenting your list quick and easy.
  • Create a filter based on personal data (location, gender, etc.), user activity (opened this message, clicked on this link, etc.), or any combination thereof.
  • Send to these specific segments, or suppress them.

Dynamic Filters provide extreme flexibility for list segmentation based upon:

  • A recipient’s personal data (State, type, status, any field you have data for).
  • Email activity (opens, clicks, forwards, etc.).
  • Date subscribers were added to your list.
  • Use dynamic filters to target subscribers based on specific criteria.

Some examples are:

  • Send a targeted follow-up message to readers who clicked on a specific link in your last campaign.
  • Suppress subscribers who have not opened past messages.
  • Send a special offer to prospects who live in a specific geographic location.
Deliver Relevant Content
  • Dynamic Content is a simple and powerful way to deliver highly relevant content and to manage email campaigns with many content variables. Create one message with dynamic content, and deliver unlimited variations of that message based upon attributes you assign to each piece of content. This process enables a true “who gets what” scenario to unfold in your email marketing efforts.

Dynamic Content provides extreme flexibility for personalizing content to a recipient based upon:

  • A recipient’s personal data (state, type, status, etc.).
  • Past purchases.
  • Email activity (opens, clicks, forwards, etc.).
  • Any other data you may have about the recipient.
  • Use Dynamic Content to engage subscribers with content that targets their specific interests, or relates to their personal wants and needs.

Some examples are:

  • State specific updates.
  • Images or graphics based on personal data.
  • Cross-sell offers based on previous purchases.
  • Offers based on past email responses.
Measure Results and Success

Providing the tools you need for a full tracking and analysis of email messages and campaigns, arming you with the information you need to improve results. Gain valuable insight by seeing who opened your email and what they clicked, who forwarded and who opted out of your list–all within seconds of it happening.

Our reporting provides you with the following statistics:

  • Total and unique click-throughs.
  • Forwards.
  • Hard and soft bounces.
  • Unsubscribes.